We discovered a leak coming through our basement ceiling from the upstairs guest bathroom the day before family was coming over. Superior Plumbing & Mechanical came the next morning and fixed the leak. Justin was able to quickly diagnose and fix the issue, and navigate around two big curious dogs. We highly recommend Superior Plumbing & Mechanical.

Rebekah Bradford

I was losing water pressure like crazy. If I had the shower going and then flushed the toilet somewhere in the house, the shower would shut down completely. When we checked it with a pressure gauge, the water pressure would go from 60 psi to 8 psi. Superior Plumbing came out and discovered that the culprit was a faulty water softener. When bypassed, the water pressure remained constant no matter how many faucets were turned on. Superior Plumbing gave me a quote for a new softener and had it installed in no time.

Communication was great. Service was fast and professional. I would recommend them any time.

Jason Hunter